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    what is the best way to get money fast? are there any secret places with mokre than 200 coins in it? if so, where? and how do you get up on the cliff to all those potions?


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    Ways of getting money: Mug People (Prone to getting shot)
    Sell body (Prone to getting diseases, and face it guys, only men get male prostitutes, women DO NOT pay for sex)
    Sell organs (there are one or two you may or may not need)
    Sell sperm (I don't know if you really want to f-up the gene pool further)

    OH you meant in game! Umm.. there are these yellow things that look like many many round frozen puddles of piss that enemies drop. Oh wait, ... its called gold coins.. .. so you kill things, they drop money. You kill more things, they drop more money OMG the system works!

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    other ways to get money:
    1.go north of the king's castle and you should see a house. go inside the house for some treasure money.
    2.go to the duck island and go west-north to find bunch of treasures and money!

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    Kill the *baddies*. Most will give you money, and about the cliff part...that is another part of the game, you will get there when it is time.
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