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Thread: 8 short questions!

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    Default 8 short questions!

    1."this" is the thing the script lies in, right?
    and can i say like:
    2.this.Velocity =,39) ?

    Oh i got more questions:
    3.entity = ???
    4. can i find a lookVector from an object?
    5. how do i make a function run when a player press a buttom?
    6. can i angle a players camera?
    7. can i angle a players character?
    8., 2ndObj.Position).lookVector*speed -- is that true math in novashell?

    thanks for reading, more thanks to you who answers XD

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    i found this:,100,0)
    but u aint a 3d game!
    its a 2d game, cant have 3 vectors?!
    What have i missed?

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    OK, I'm just learning lua, let alone NovaShell lol, but I'm hoping NovaShell will teach me, what I've learnt so far can help me answer most of your questions lolz

    1.Yes. And by "Yes" i mean 'this' refers to the object/entity calling the function
    2.Uhm, still new to me, lol, but if there is a class called Vector2, which can be created like in c# and if it has a static function called new. otherwise it'd be done like this:
    this:Velocity = new Vector2(2,39);
    (Please note the colon, instead of the dot)

    Oh he's got more questions:
    3.entity = meh, look it up lol
    4. I think I saw that somewhere, so yeah.
    5. heheh, wish i could go around pressing all the bottom's I saw.
    I'm not sure if there is an event based style to do this, but in the update class you could figure out how close the player is, then (if they're in bottom pressing range) check to see if they're pressing the button they need to press on the keyboard (like 'enter') or something
    6. uhm dont think so, but it's in the features list (fingers crossed for the future)
    7. I hope so lol, I'm gonna need this
    8. I dont know what you mean by "is that true math in novashell?"


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