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    I forgot to mention that we will naturally gladly update the framework bundles for any dependency library used by ClanLib. The only problem is that I somewhat forgot how we built them and at least at the time the documentation on library framework bundles provided by Apple was somewhat limited.

    Since I do not know how much experience you have with building framework bundles I'll just tell you what I know and hopefully you can use that for something.

    Technically a library framework bundle is simply a normal dynamic library arranged in a certain directory structure (just like application bundles are just directories). In traditional unix environments (BSD, linux, etc.) the include files are placed in /usr/include/ClanLib-0.9 and the dynamic libraries in /usr/lib. But for a framework library those same files are placed in ~/Library/Frameworks/LibraryName/Headers and ~/Library/Frameworks/LibraryName/LibraryName.

    To port any library to an OS X library bundle is therefore a "simple" task of simply taking the header files and the output dynamic library and place them in this directory structure. Unfortunately it seems the linker in OS X is rather dumb (at least in 10.3) and requires the dynamic library file to built directly into this directory structure. If you want more details on how to do this manually outside XCode, try take a look at the scan.cpp program that came with ClanLib.

    An easier option may be to simply recreate the makefile for the dependency library in XCode. Using this strategy will ensure that the framework bundle is at least correctly built, but great care must be taken to ensure that it is the same source files and defines that are used for the build. I think the current framework bundles available on the website were built using this strategy.

    Finally we might be lucky that someone else already did create an OS X framework bundle for some of our dependency libraries. Googling for that first wouldn't hurt.
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