I'm working on a multiplayer sidescroller for my friends and myself, using 0.8.1, and it's coming along nicely. I've been doing a lot of the work on my nix laptop while away, and now I'm on my winxp desktop, and I've encountered new behavior.

It's a single server model, so even when testing I have to run a server instance and then a client that connects to the localhost. My architecture communicates high-level information with netpackets, and then shares game objects via the netobject system -- all fantastic utilities, I might add. After the game gets started, it's all netobjects, and no netpackets (at this stage).

For some reason, while connected to my localhost server, I'll get random drops. I get an error saying read_uchar8 fails. I traced it to CL_NetComputer_Generic::update_socket(), line 465 of netcomputer_generic.cpp. The first read_uchar8 after the else fails.

Does anybody know what might be happening here? I can't imagine packets are getting lost on a localhost loop...?

~ Paul