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Thread: In full screen the menu is off

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    Default In full screen the menu is off

    I'm using the latest 64 bit Ubuntu Linux and ClanLib 0.9 svn 2254.
    I changed the font example to use full screen, now the menu is off in the y axis?
    Sorry, I'm not able to do a screen shot in full screen mode?

    In this modification I'm testing if ClanLib can be used for an open source teleprompter application... so far it looks promising.
    I'm still looking into mirroring the screen, but I don't think this is a problem.
    To add or remove lines you can use the up/down (1 line) pageup/pagedown (10 lines). You can also use the home and end key for 1000 lines or 1 line... the numbers 1 to 9 are 100 to 900 lines... adding more lines makes it go slower...


    PS: between revision 2200 and 2254 the scrolling performance drops a lot, maybe by factor 4!
    PPS: in revision 2200 I found the bitmap font was the fastest... now it is as slow as the freetype font??
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    I'll look into it.

    I also noticed a huge performance drop in clanlib linux recently .... i'm not sure what caused it. But it should be fixable.

    (I assumed it was my graphics card playing up, so i ignored it )

    For full screen mode, you need to do:
    			CL_DisplayWindowDescription desc;
    			desc.show_caption(false);	// No Title
    			desc.set_fullscreen(true);	// Set to full screen
    			desc.set_title(cl_text("Shadow of the Beast"));
    			desc.set_position(CL_Rect(0,0,640, 480), false);	// Use this resolution (as caption is disabled)

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    Ref. The examples speed

    I'm not sure what is wrong, everything appears okay.

    The basic2d example and shadowofthebeast example is not as smooth as it used to be.

    Maybe it is something external to clanlib?

    Ref. The font speed, i can't understand why the font would be slower, maybe a bug somewhere.

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    Default Thanks...

    Thanks for the screen mode information, it it working now...

    I did another test with svn 2200 and svn 2263 and with a 1000 lines test I get 24 fps with 2200 vs 8 fps with 2263...

    I guess there is no function to mirror the screen right now... to me it makes only sense to mirror the full screen - I don't think mirroring a window has any use... I need this for a open source teleprompter application... a teleprompter uses a one way glass (like investigation rooms in movies). I need to mirror the screen for people to read the text.
    I guess this could go in the CL_DisplayWindow class? Somthing like set_mirror(bool vertical, bool horizontal) and than use this in the flip method - would this be acceptable? Please let me know if this is a good starting point for me to create a patch?

    Thanks again,

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    There is a problem with the CL_Font_Bitmap class being slow, i am not sure why.

    For your application, i suggest, drawing to a texture (using CL_FrameBuffer). Then draw it mirrored using:
    CL_Draw::texture(gc, CL_Rectf(0.0, 0.0, gc.get_width, gc_get_height()), CL_Rectf(1.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f))
    or something like that.

    I have created an example in the ClanLib SVN (Examples/Text).

    NOTE: This example may be deleted later! - If noone likes it

    There is a problem with is running slow, until I get a profiler, it is very difficult finding where the bottleneck is.

    Also, the quality of the font is terrible! - it should be crystal clear.

    See attached
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    On Win32, it runs at 333fps on Release mode!!! So i am guessing that something is slowing it down in debug mode - maybe the handling of std::vector

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