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Thread: When is 0.9 comming out?

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    Default When is 0.9 comming out?

    Hey guys,

    Not long ago I discovered ClanLib and I was impressed. I see that 0.9 is under construction, can you approximate when it's going to be ready for a stable release?

    I would like to start a small project and I would like to know which version to start working on.


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    We have no release date for 0.9. We will probably release it as a ClanLib 2.0 Preview first.

    Regarding which version to start a new project on, I would without hesitation choose 0.9. Even though it is actively being worked on every day, it is stable enough for most requirements. You might need to change some details here and there as we develop on, but normally its easy to pick up what is needed.



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