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Thread: Building Novashell on Linux.

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    Default Building Novashell on Linux.

    Okay. So I'm running Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex, and the novashell binary was throwing an error finding the Clanlib shared libs - looked like the libtool version was bumped? But I dunno a lot about that. Ibex ships latest version of clanlib, so I had installed from packages.

    I decided to just build novashell from source, that way the binary would be linked correctly to my local libraries. Yay!

    After a couple of minor issues building Box2D and lua (which I should probably document somewhere) the actual novashell build proper broke due to what appears to be an API change in ClanLib itself. The m_zip object (A CL_Zip_Archive instance) is using a three arg version of add_file when the API docs on only have two args.

    Am I missing something?

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    Seth? Anybody?

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    Hey Erik,

    The latest version of Novashell requires the latest SVN version of Clanlib (of the v0.8 development branch) - grabbing (and building/installing) that should fix the problem.

    I will update the documentation about this.. whups.

    Background: I recently added some zipping features to Clanlib so the internal Novashell packager can now spit out zips.
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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