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Thread: CL_Sprite animation control in Clanlib 8.1

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    Default CL_Sprite animation control in Clanlib 8.1

    First I want to say that Clanlib is great 2d engine. It has increased the performance of the game I'm writing by over 100%. Before I was using SDL alone, but now that there is OpenGL support, everything runs alot better.

    Here is the example I'm having a problem with. I've loaded a sprite from a resource file and I have the animation configured to play forward and loop. I use the set_image_data function on CL_Sprite to set the sprite data on the current sprite that I'm using. I want to switch the direction of the animation, but the call to set_play_backwards( true ) does not seem to work. The only way I can see to get this work, is to create a resource for a forward play and a backwards play. I don't want to have to do this, because my resource files are created by an animation program that I wrote. Has anyone run into this problem, or know of the correct way to use set_play_backwards?

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    Nevermind, I figured out what I was doing wrong. Apparently the play backwards flag needs to be set, then you have to restart the animation. I would rather not have to restart the animation every time i switch the animation direction, but oh well, I'll change my code to work around this.

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