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Thread: 0.9 SVN and Mac

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    Default 0.9 SVN and Mac

    I am revisiting my game code base and decided to give 0.9 a try.

    Have not tried the Windows version, but I can't get the Mac version to compile. Folders "Application" and "MySQL" seem to be missing and the build rule wants to copy them somewhere.

    I redirected "Application" to "App" and "MySQL" to "Database" but there are more files missing: cl_vector.cpp and clanapp.cpp

    Any help for this or should I just stick with 0.8?

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    I'm afraid the Mac side of ClanLib 0.9 hasn't been worked on yet. Our mac laptop died a little while ago, so currently we don't have any devs using mac.. But I'm sure we'll revisit it again, just not currently

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