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Thread: Trouble Seeing All Installed Libraries

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    Default Trouble Seeing All Installed Libraries

    I've gone through and installed all the libraries including SDL onto my system and they appear in my /usr/local/lib location. When I run ./configure for ClanLib 0.8.1 I get a NO for clanGL, clanSDL, clanGUI, clanDisplay and clanMikmod. All other clan??? libraries have YES next to them so I know some are visible. What am I doing wrong?

    I also noted that when attempting to install Mikmod player it couldn't find libmikmod either. It's the latest version. I'm assuming this is a path issue but have no clue how to modify that without potentially screwing up my system.

    .....I see now where libjpeg is what is causing a lot of the missing pieces. I have no idea why it's not working. ./configure appears to work fine and make does it's job without issue. The only strange thing I noticed is make install isn't placing libjpeg "stuff" in the lib directory but into usr/local/bin. Does this make sense?
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