Has anyone with an iPhone 6, that recently updated to iOS 9, had a problem with an unresponsive screen? This morning, I was in the halls with my friends, and I was listening to my music (They allow you to listen to music before first period starts at my high school), and just as I was about to close out my music app from the app-switcher menu, the screen froze up. I knew for a fact that the phone itself was still turned on, I was able to hear my music in my headphones. So, instead of being patient, which, thinking back, I probably should have just been patient and waited it out, I used the sleep button to lock my phone. I went to press the button to turn the screen back on. I had the unresponsive screen problem on my previous cell phone, which was an iPhone 5c. With the 5c's problems with an unresponsive screen, I used the sleep button to lock my phone, and used either the sleep or home button to turn the screen back on, and it worked fine. I figured the same would work with my 6, seeing as it's not that much newer than the 5c. Regardless, my screen refused to turn back on, and I was panicking and looking at all my friends for help. The only "advice" I received from one was "It's an Apple product, you're screwed." Another let me text my mom from his phone, and she told me she'd look at it that night when I got home. I was panicking, because this phone isn't very old, I think it's 2 or 3 weeks old. I just got it. Someone in the lineup for the buses to take us to my tech school told me how to do a hard reboot, which is where you hold down the sleep button and power button at the same time. My phone DID turn back on after that, and it was responsive. However, I just want to know if anyone else has had the same problem as I had this morning. I was just wondering if this happens frequently, or if it's something that happens every so often or hardly ever.