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Thread: Angel wings!

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    Arrow Angel wings!

    Hi everyone i Will start off this thread by reling u a bit of My story.

    I Got My first angel wings when they were about 12 world locks. Belive ME i worked hard for them.
    As i started to witness some sky rocketing the Angels just keept sent up. And eventully
    People sold em for 100 wls.

    Now when the Angels are lowering in price makes me sad but still i know they doing it beacuse of
    The rumors that it Will comeback in earls february.

    And however if they Will return they Will lose all ITS value!
    I would be back on step 1 and start to farm even tho i still have (My awesome world!)

    I Will fight to get rich again.

    Now let me share My theory if they Wont come back. They Will easly peak at 200 world locks and totally ruin our economy..
    I wouldnt Bother it but it would be an huge disapointment for every growtopian That doesnt own a couple.

    (My wish tho is THAT they Wont come back pretty easy reason i Will not lose all of My hardworking).

    Thanks for ME and please Whats ur thoughts about this im veri curious.

    Ps; is it confirmed it Will be the same form?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Really sorry about all misspellings i hope u can read it anyway

    Ps: im not Having english as phone language so it MAYBE made
    Huge misspellings!

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    I don't actually own a pair of Angel Wings or have never had a pair before. But I won't let that bother me, as I am fine with my Rippers!

    Also, it has not been confirmed yet if Angel Wings are coming back and that they will be the same design or not.

    GrowID: JakeHC

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    This belongs here,

    I still haven't even gotten Angel wings so your lucky!
    calm down sweaty it's a prank

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