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Thread: ClanLib 2.0 and CL_Surface

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    Default ClanLib 2.0 and CL_Surface

    Hi all,

    I develop with ClanLib from some years and I think this SDK is the best. Now I'm checking the new version but I discovered that I can not simply recompile my project based to ClanLib 1.0 with the new version 2.0 because some basically class like CL_Surface is nomore present in the new version. What is the new class substituting the "old" CL_Surface basic features? I'm reading the overview informations but it seem to me that the philosopy of drawing is changed a little.....
    Thank you and congraturation again for your great product.

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    The closest match would be CL_Image or CL_Sprite.

    You'll find out alot of things changed in the API between 1.0, and 2.0. I suggest checking out the Examples directory to see how you do basic stuff in 2.0 so you got something to compare against.

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