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Thread: End game help

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    I got to the end of the game and had trouble beating seth so I went to a walkthrough for help. It said that only bows would work against him and magic has no effect. I used a light sword and hellfire and damaged him with both every time only getting hit by his unavoidable greater harm (unless I resist it) I eventually died Why would a bow help, why does my magic work and can anyone give me an easy tip to beat seth?

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    A tip to beat Seth, hmmmm.

    Try hitting over the head repeated with the sword, that did the trick for me

    Also take healing potions with you, as many as you can carry.

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    To kill Seth keep running around and use your hellfire and fire bow the hurt him and then use the throwing ax to hurt him at a distance.

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    throwing axe? i thought people said only bows work.



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