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    hello there,

    It'll be nice to see some gui system in Novashell. I mean texbox, checkbox, button etc. Right now we need to write our own gui system. Please Seth think about implement some gui system to Novashell (there is some free and complete frameworks) and you could bind the system to lua.

    What do you think about it? (imho complete gui system will give much time to focus on making games on Novashell)

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    I'm in two minds about this.

    I think a GUI system would be good and really increase Novashell's flexibility. I could see it being useful for creating more than games. In fact I already have something in mind that could make use of some GUI tools.

    On the other hand, Novashell is a games creation system. And I know it's just Seth working on it (and a great job he's doing!). So I'd rather the focus remained on maintaining a kick-arse game engine/creation system rather than expanding into new territory.

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    Well, novashell does have a pretty robust GUI using Clanlib's system, but it is not exposed to Lua. It would be pretty ugly exposed to lua, better to do whatever on the C++ end I 'spose, if it was me.
    Seth A. Robinson
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