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    Default I need help

    Pls i need help im at the part where i just enter Terris whats next i searched google and im bad at the game i cant beat monsters i only have 115 gold


    click on that xerneas

    My goals:
    Get the achievement "Hacked the server":Beat Devil Ham,Need to beat Almighty Seth
    Get 1 diamond lock:Achieved 1 aug 2015
    Get ring from ringmaster:Achieved(Fistful of Rings)
    Meet Wicker10(Not achieved)
    Meet Seth/Hamumu:Nope
    Get my 2nd ring from the ringmaster

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    Go to the small house left of the big one. talk to he lady. Follow the road south and when it goes west keep going south. go in the dungeon. That should be enough for you to go on for now.



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