Hi, I'm just now trying to get ClanLib setup for the first time. I followed the instructions fully (I think) and mostly everything worked. I created a new project (on a separate folder, on my desktop) and created a new file, and placed the code for the "hello world" example there. However, when I try to build, I get this error:

c:\development\environment\include\clanlib\core\sy stem\mutex.h(44) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'pthread.h': No such file or directory

I'm compiling this from VC++ 2008 Express (so on a windows machine of course). As I understand, POSIX threads shouldn't work in windows anyways. Could any of you kind folk suggest how I might be able to get past this error? =)

I tried googling this one for a while with no luck.