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Thread: ClanLib 2.0.3 Released

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    Default ClanLib 2.0.3 Released

    ClanLib 2.0.3 was released today.

    It contains a brand new display target - the GL1 - which works on pre OpenGL 2.0 cards. Notice, it is still under development

    The CTalk example has now become a usable IRC client and has a brand new name: Carambola Chat. If anyone is looking for a gorgeous looking IRC client, check this one out.

    Also new example demonstrating clanDatabase/clanSqlite was added: SQL.

    Advanced use of framebuffers (canvas) is now demonstrated in CanvasAdvanced example.

    Expect lots of bug fixes and other enchancements as well
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    This is a huge milestone.

    Note, see upgrade.txt (In the source code base directory) for breaking changes between 2.0.2 and 2.0.3, although this should not be required for most users.

    New Examples and Tests include:
    (These are found in the source code Examples or Tests directory)

    Examples/GUI3D - Using GUI in a 3D environment

    Examples/Input - Using Mouse / Keyboard / Joystick and Tablet input devices

    Examples/GUICustomComponent - Create custom GUI components

    Examples/GUI - With layered windows
    (Note layered windows is currently disabled in the GUI example because linux does not support it - at the moment)

    Tests/Display/CubeGL1 - Showing using GL1 target specific functions

    Examples/CanvasAdvanced - Showing what can be achieved by using the CL_FrameBuffer
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    Awesome work guys
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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    Great going!

    Very impressive.

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    Yep, really nice, good work

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    If you are interested of what's being worked on for the 2.0.4 release, look at the SVN logs. Also, See UPGRADE.txt in the SVN.

    If you notice anything else that you would like included in the next release, let us know (patches are very welcome )

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