Hi, I'm working with a sprite font of my own, trying to use it from a css using the font-family tag. Taking a look at the example of the overview I thought that it can be made, as well as getting it later in this way:
CL_Font_Sprite * font  = new CL_Font_Sprite(gc, "Foo", resourceManager);
CL_FontDescription desc;
guiManager.register_font(*font, desc);
CL_Font foo2(gc,desc);
foo2.draw_text(gc,100,100,"Hello World");
Unfortunately it is not working, and I can only get my custom font if I call "get_registered_font" from the GUI Manager, as the CL_Font_System provider and the list of registered fonts inside GUI Manager are two different lists, and my font "foo" can't be used from any 'css'. Am I doing something wrong?