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Thread: VC2005 "debugging information corrupt"

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    Default VC2005 "debugging information corrupt"

    I've followed the guides on the website for setting up clib on VC2005(pro), and i'm trying to compile the hello world sample using the precompiled binaries. I get the following error:

    clanCore-static-mt-debug.lib(console_window.obj) : fatal error LNK1103: debugging information corrupt; recompile module
    I've tried switching between debug and release but i still get the same error. Am i missing something here or are the current binaries corrupt? I've tried redownloading them without luck.

    Any help would be highly appreciated

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    Dunno if 2008 binaries are compatible with 2005... that might be a cause. Would suggest compiling ClanLib yourself.

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    It looks like the precompiled libraries are not backward compatible - I thought they were?

    A few things to try
    1) Ensure you are running SP1 for VS 2005 ( "Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 Team Suite Service Pack 1" )
    2) Download Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition
    3) Download an compile the complete source

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    Yep, compiling it myself solved it. Wasn't nearly as hard as i feared

    Then all the other libs gave me the same error. Thankfully i found a set of 2005 libs so it's all good now!

    Someone should correct the website so it doesn't say "precompiled binaries for Visual C++ 2005 and 2008", since the stuff that's linked doesn't work for 2005.

    Thanks for the help guys!

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    Strange though, I used the precompiled external libs for visual studio 2002, and they worked. (i've upgraded now)

    Note, for other people having the same problems:

    See - for the external libs source code packages

    Edit (in notepad) the .vcproj, and change [Version="9.00"] to [Version="7.00"] - This seems to work

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