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Thread: missing gui.xml

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    Default missing gui.xml

    Hope that anyone can help me

    I am builiding the examples.
    And for some examples it says says that it can not find
    gui.xml file

    Could not open file: /home/nico/clanlib-doc/examples/CTalk/../../Resources/GUIStyleSilver/gui.xml

    that is correct because there is no such directory Resources with gui.xml.
    Can any one tell me wher i can find this file, of must i made it myself and if so wath sould this file contain.

    Many regards
    Nico Heiligers

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    Apparently, you only have the Examples code, but not ClanLib code. The resources are part of clanlib source code. Try downloading the entire source package. (Seems you are using clanlib 1.0 - we recommend 2.0 for all new users).

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