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Thread: ClanLib 2.0.4

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    Default ClanLib 2.0.4

    ClanLib 2.0.4 was released today.

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    See for example images.

    Breaking changes since 2.0.3:

    - IMPORTANT: Display: CL_DisplayMessageQueue has been removed. Use CL_KeepAlive:: process() instead

    - Display: CL_FontDescription, "copy" renamed to "clone" (Like CL_Sprite)

    - Display: CL_Texture's copy_xxx_from functions CL_GraphicContext parameter is now not optional, and it has moved to the front of the function parameter list. (It was a bug with it being optional)

    - Display: CL_Font_Sprite incorrectly used the CL_FontMetrics (thus positions may be different)

    - GUI: CL_Window::func_close was removed. Use func_close() (from CL_GUIComponent), but note, it returns a bool (true = message consumed)
    so you need to change your signature to bool on_close();

    - GUI: Moved 'temporary' window cache parameter from CL_GUIComponent ctor to CL_DisplayWindowDescription.

    - GUI: set_tab_order_controller and set_tab_order are gone, the order is now the component tree.

    - GUI: CL_PopupMenu's func_item_selected() and func_keyboard_event() has been removed. Use CL_PopupMenuItem's func_clicked() instead (returned from CL_PopupMenu::insert_item())

    - GUI: CL_Window::func_activation_lost and func_activation_gained was removed, use CL_GUIComponent::func_activated and func_deactivated instead

    - GUI: CL_GUIManager::exec() no longer takes an acceleratortable parameter. Use set_accelerator_table(const CL_AcceleratorTable &table) instead if you use accelerators.
    API Enhancements (Implemented on Windows)

    - Display: Added CL_ScreenInfo class. It returns the geometries of attached screens and can be used before any windows have been created

    - Display: Additional flags added to CL_DisplayWindowDescription

    - Display: Added CL_IconSet class to better support icons with images in many resolutions and added select_node, select_string, select_int, select_float to CL_DomNode

    - GUI: Added CL_OpenFileDialog for a file dialog
    API Enhancements (Windows and Linux)

    - Core: Created CL_Line2x.clip( CL_Rect ) - Implemented the Cohen-Sutherland line clip algorithm

    - Core: XML - Added additional attribute fetchers

    - Display: Created CL_PixelBufferHelp::add_border() (to aid fixing colour bleeding problems when scaling a sub-image from a texture)

    - Display: Added anisotropic filtering support

    - GUI: Added CL_GUIComponent::is_ancestor_of and CL_GUIComponent::is_descendant_of
    Fixes have been made to the clanlib internals to improve stability and reliability. See SVN logs for details.

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    For Linux, ensure all dependancies are installed - See

    Ubuntu ... use

    ./configure --prefix=/usr
    sudo make install



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