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    Post The Greek Pack

    The Greek Pack will have a Wreath,Greek Sandals,Shield/Spear,Gladius,Greek Armor,Helm,Toga,Female Toga,Brown Bunned hair,Crown,Female Crown,Statue,50 Marble Background, 20 Marble Brick,30 Marble Pillars, Throne, and a Random Pet! (Now I will explain how all of look/work)

    Clothing Items

    Wreath:This item has Green Leaves around it,Made with Grass and Wheat!
    Description:Only the Best People where it but why does it itch so bad?

    Brown Bun:It will be Brown hair in the shape as a Bun with 2 loose hairs In front of your Head!
    Made with Rose and Wheat
    Description:Wow looks like Aphrodite Blessed me!

    Greek Sandals:Its Simliar like Hippie sandals but its Darker and has 2 Straps instead of 1,Made with Brown Block and Wheat
    Description:Everyday I'm Spartaning

    Toga:It will be a white toga with a golden latch on the right shoulder,Made with Cloud and Gold Description:Made with the Gods finest Fabric!

    Female Toga:It will be more Feline with a Purple color and Still a Golden Latch,Made with Purple Block and Gold Description:I am a Cyclopse mess

    Greek Armor: Like normal Chain Mail but Golden,Made with Steel and Gold

    Spear and Shield: It's a Wooden Spear with a Bronze/Steel Top and Golden Shield with a Growtopians face in front of it!
    Description:I've got bling and I can kill stuff!

    Gladius:A long blade with a black hilt made with Steel and Darkness!

    Crown: It's a Golden Crown with gems circling around it it will be randomly chosen what color you can only get this from the pack
    White For Zeus
    Changing of Colors for Hera (God of Family so it will change Colors)
    Blue for Poseidon
    Green for Demeter
    Purple for Dionysus
    Yellow for Apollo
    Silver For Artemis
    Gold for Hermes
    Gray for Athena
    A mixture of Black and Red for Ares
    Pink for Aphordite
    Orange for Hephaestus
    Red for Hades
    Hestia will have Red,Yellow,Orange,and Pink

    Female Crown:Will just have Girl hair at the End of it and Random colors from above (Rare item unable to make) colors are above


    Statue:A gray Statue of a Growtopian you may use the Toolbar on the side of it and see what clothes you want to put on it and what skin color so it will be a Not moveable Charcter with clothes also you will have a Option for it to Follow you with it's eyes! (You cannot make this)

    Throne:A golden throne with a random amount of Colors (Same like the Crown) made with Gold and a Crystal seed

    Marble Background: The name says it all Made with Marble and Brick Background

    Marble Brick: Name says it all Marble+Brick block

    Marble Pillar : Pencil+Marble it will some what look like the Parthenon Pillars

    Now for the Most amazing thing yet the Random Pets/Helpful Items

    Zeus's:Eagle will Work like a Butterfly,It will look like a normal eagle and have a animation with its
    wings! Effect This is land is Gaia's Land to the Far land

    Hera's:Lion will work like a Horse but not as Fast,Occasionaly it will Open its mouth and Yawn

    Poesiodion:Agolden chariot witch waves on it pushed by steeds with a water effect at there feet!Allows you to even run on water!

    Demeter:Will have a Weather Changer will Transform the World to the normal to a Cold and dead area!

    Dionysus:Panther will allow you to Ride it like a Horse and its Fast!

    Apollo:Will have a lyre which punches you with Music!

    Artemis:Wolf works like a Pig and increase's your Punch!

    Hermes:Will have winged shoes that will make you fast AND double jump!

    Athena:A owl works like a Butterfly and say Hoo Hoo every 10-15 minutes!

    Ares: A boar works like a Pig but its more...Stronger!

    Atphordite:Two Doves that are both following you around!

    Hephaestus:A Robot Companion! Which follows you around! And help you break things!

    Hades:A evil Dark crown which makes your charcter have a ghostly animation!

    Hesta:Will have a Beautiful campfire where you can roast Special foods!

    I'm not sure what the Price for all these items are So what do you think? I thought 20,000-25,000 gems!
    Thank You for Reading! I hoped you like the Items Byye!
    (I worked 5 Hours on this so Appreciate it! Lol Bye!)
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