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Thread: [TAB Ordering] - How it works (Svn Version) ?

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    Default [TAB Ordering] - How it works (Svn Version) ?


    in the newest svn version, i've noticed that the tab ordering has been removed, how can i switch between my line-edit's and pushbuttons by using tabkey now, like i did before ?

    before we have to set_tab_controller(true) and on each component put the tab_order indexing like :


    Now how does it works, as we can't do it that way anymore ?

    I Noticed by default, "tabbing" does nohing.

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    from UPGRADE.TXT:

    - GUI: set_tab_order_controller and set_tab_order are gone, the order is now the component tree.

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    So now, how does it works ?

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    The tab focus will switch between the components in the order the components were created, so you don't need to specify the order separately - it all works automatically. You might need to change the order the components are created in. Also, if you created the components with the gui editor then the order is the order they appear in the xml file, and you might need to adjust that manually to get a good ordering. The new gui editor will hopefully do this automatically.

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    Actually, it seems tab is currently broken, will fix it soonish.

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    It should be working now again.

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