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Thread: vIvID Engine has a new ParticleSystem!

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    Smile vIvID Engine has a new ParticleSystem!

    Hi! I hope you are all ok. I just want to show some test screenshot of the Particle System (very beta version) of the game engine I'm developing that is based almost enterely on ClanLib 2.0.

    A test with other parts of the engine:

    Beta version features of this particle system:
    - Enterely XML driven like many other parts of the engine.(actually it lacks of many features like callbacks etc..).
    - Possibility of particle auto-orientation based on their direction.
    - Efficient polygon batching to minimize rendering calls.
    - Fully integrated with the XML Material/Shader framework of the engine (you can change textures, materials at run-time without writing C++ code).
    - Almost every parameter can be set as a fix value or with specific random variations.
    - Fully integrated with the engine resource system, multiple particle emitters can share the same particle data to minimize memory usage.
    - Partially integrated with the scene manager ( a particle emitter can be attached to a scene node like any other drawable object ).

    Thanks again to all ClanLib developers. With this library you can focus on what you want to do and not on how to manage a huge amount of boring low level code.
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    Looks very nice Looking forward to future updates!

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    I can't wait to try this out

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    very very impressive

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    Thank you for your feedback

    A short update to the particle system: custom rotations, callbacks and multiple UV sets.

    Here there is a demo video of some tests made with it:

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