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Thread: Debian ClanLib Package

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    Default Debian ClanLib Package

    For reference, i have send the following message to "debian-devel-games"

    Request for information to update existing libclanlib package

    Hi, I'm after some information to update an existing package. It is "libclan*", maintainer "Ubuntu MOTU Developers".

    It is using a very old version (0.8), that migrated into 1.0. This version is now unsupported by the clanlib developers, but some old games still use it.

    Now ClanLib 2.0.4 has been released ( ). I need to find who (if any) are still maintaining the clanlib package
    and the correct procedure of updating it.

    I guess that it is not straightforward because ClanLib 2.0 is not compatible with ClanLib 1.0 - And should be treated as a seperate package.

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    For reference:

    On Sun, Oct 25, 2009 at 2:07 AM, (rombust) wrote:

    > Anyway, with reference to Super Methane Brothers and the ClanLib packages.
    > If I haven't heard anything by the middle of November, I'll assume that
    > everyone is busy - And I will attempt to package them myself. (I have had
    > zero experience at packaging!)

    I think you'll find that is the case, the games team (like Debian
    itself) always needs more people.

    At this blog you'll find some posts about managing a free software project well:

    Make sure it complies with this advice about distribution-friendly projects:

    Read the following Debian documentation if you haven't already:

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