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Thread: Trying to play OGG music

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    Question Trying to play OGG music

    Hello. I am trying to make my first small game and I am just learning ClanLib 2.0.4. At I could not find a tutorial for how to play ogg music. Could someone please either point me to the tutorial or help me understand my mistakes? I tried to figure this out from the reference documentation, but when I run the game with the new code I immediately get a segfault.

    #include <ClanLib-2.0/ClanLib/core.h>
    #include <ClanLib-2.0/ClanLib/display.h>
    #include <ClanLib-2.0/ClanLib/gl.h>
    #include <ClanLib-2.0/ClanLib/application.h>
    #include <ClanLib-2.0/ClanLib/sound.h>
    #include <ClanLib-2.0/ClanLib/vorbis.h>
    // ...other code...
      CL_String * track_name = new CL_String("../data/le_chant_des_sirenes_part_ii.ogg");
      CL_VirtualDirectory * virtualdirectory = new CL_VirtualDirectory; // what is this for?                                                       
      CL_SoundProvider_Vorbis * track = new CL_SoundProvider_Vorbis(*track_name, *virtualdirectory);
      CL_SoundBuffer * soundbuffer = new CL_SoundBuffer(track);
    // ...other code...
    I originally wrote the above without using so many pointers but that didn't work either. (I remember back when I dabbled in 0.8 that for some reason some things worked better with pointers...) I have a tiny bit of experience with 0.8 but never tried audio.

    I am running on a Gentoo Linux amd64 system with ClanLib 2.0.4 installed.

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    Instead try:
    	CL_SetupSound setup_sound;
    	CL_SetupVorbis setup_vorbis;
    	CL_SoundOutput sound_output(44100);
    	CL_SoundBuffer sample("../data/le_chant_des_sirenes_part_ii.ogg");
    	CL_SoundBuffer_Session playback(sample.prepare());;
    (Your code did not call CL_SoundOutput, so it did not allocate a sound card)

    You could modify the shadowofthebeast example to play vorbis by replacing "CL_SetupMikMod setup_mikmod;" with "CL_SetupVorbis setup_vorbis;" and changing "resources/b-title.mod" to an ogg file

    However, 2.0.4 sound is a bit buggy in places. It has improved in 2.1.0
    It is worth upgrading, as the API is nearly identical. (See )

    The sound example is a bit more stable in 2.1.0 - however the example is still incomplete in places

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    You are so awesome! Thanks a lot!

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