hello =)

it's me again

and i have a problem...

i want to play a litte with the netgame engine but i think it doesn't like me

here is a pic from the exception:

my code:

	slots.connect(network_client.sig_event_received(), this, &CGame::on_event_received);
	slots.connect(network_client.sig_connected(), this, &CGame::on_connected);
	slots.connect(network_client.sig_disconnected(), this, &CGame::on_disconnected);

	// Set up event dispatchers to route incoming events to functions
	login_events.func_event("Login-Success").set(this, &CGame::on_event_login_success);
	login_events.func_event("Login-Fail").set(this, &CGame::on_event_login_fail);

	this->connected = false;
	this->logged_in = false;
	this->State = login;


void CGame::connect_to_srv()
	catch(CL_Exception e)
		std::vector<CL_String> stackTrace = e.get_stack_trace();
		CL_String text = e.message + "\r\n";
		for (size_t i = 0; i < stackTrace.size(); i++)
		text += cl_format("\r\n#%1 %2", i, stackTrace[i]);

		MessageBox(0, text.c_str(), TEXT("Unhandled Exception"), MB_OK);
i create this class in my window class a try to connect_to_srv

and the result you can see on the picture..

does someone knows what it is ?

because it seems to be that the socket can't create but why.. i don't know