First name:Mahmoud
Most commonly used IGN:Growmeh/Frogmeh/Mahmoud
What are your talents? (Feel free to include anything you are good at!) what do you mean? If you mean about sports the. Soccer and maybe other type of sports ifI trained hard enough.
Do you have skype or kik? Both may be required to join, but are free and easy to use applications.
Would you be comfortable voice chatting regularly on programs like Skype? Yes I can use them but you can help me get over me being too shy.
How many days a week are you online? It depends if there is school or not if there is maybe 2-3 days a week or less or more/ if holiday then 4/7 days a week or more.
When you unavailable? When there is school or a certin time I need to be with my family.
What would you consider your pros and cons? Being funny/Being a little bit annoying when being funny

Please tell us a little bit about yourself: Im shy, kind, I like to laugh a lot, Im from Egypt, my name is mahmoud, I live... Well maybe I went too far

Why would you like to join? Maybe yes if you accept me.

What would you like to improve on? My English skills and maybe learn new languages.