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    Default Fedora YUM Package

    I've recently talked on the guys at the IRC about the fedora package. Rombust has talked to the maintainers about it supposedly from what I hear and I'm not sure of the status of that. As of now Fedora 11 has a YUM package (ClanLib 0.8) that's 3 years out of date. Afterwards, Fedora 12 (RAWHIDE) has ClanLib 1.0 only which was updated not too long ago from today. Wondering if anybody knows the status of the new ClanLib package and if not, I'll make one and update it specificly for the site along with a third party repo if that's what's wanted.

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    From Yesterday:


    >2009/9/24 xxx wrote:
    > > yyy,
    > >
    > > Can you post your source package somewhere, I can take a look at it and see
    > > about including it in the games team. Or you can join us on the Debian
    > > Games Team and help maintain them.
    > I've been registered in Debian Games Team ,just few days ago.
    > I also have my account in
    > [Q1] Should I make new repository of git in alioth, and upload my
    > source package ?
    > (I would be up for instructions described in
    > )
    > [Q2] If [Q1] is no, should I upload my source package to any free
    > storage service and show the url
    > in this mailing-list?
    > I read almost all the documents around
    > and also around, but I'm not yet sure to
    > understand the way to contribute
    > in Debian Games Team.So I'm glad for any advices and suggestions.

    Anyway, I consulted some question related to [Q1],[Q2] to IRC (OFTC
    #debian-games) ,and also I got almost all answers of my questions.
    Many thanks them for those helps.

    Then I report here, I uploaded my clanlib2 source package (based on the
    source of ClanLib 2.0.4) to the repo of

    I hope anyone reviews this package.


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