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    Can anyone tell me how to download the D-MODS? I tried the directions on the Dink Network but it didn't work. Please help?

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    How can i start playing a d-mod?
    could someone mail me to

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    To the best of my knowledge and my experiences so far this is how you download and play a dmod:

    Step 1. Find one to play.
    Find a D-Mod you want to play. There is a ton of selections at The Dink Network

    Step 2. Download
    Download the dmod of your choosing by clicking on the download link on the page. Save it to your desktop or somewhere you can find it.

    Step 3. Extract
    Use your favorite zip utility(winzip or whaterever you use) to open the file you downloaded and then extract it to a subdirectory under the main Dink install.
    Example - Extract to C:\Program Files\Dink Smallwood\Dmod1
    Make sure that you extract with paths intact as most dmods will have different directories within the zip file.

    Step 4 Playing The Dmod
    The easiest way to play the dmod is to use the Dink Front end that came with the game. You simply double click on it and then choose what dmod you want to play.

    Hope this helps.
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