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    So I've tried the things I've seen posted around to resolve this error but I've been unsuccessful.

    Hopefully I'm missing something small, but I will give as much detail as possible to try to avoid extra work for anyone who tries to help me.

    Operating System: Windows 7 x64
    IDE: Visual Studio 2010 Professional

    I followed this tutorial:

    I downloaded these binaries and installed them both to C:\ClanLib

    (They're both in the same include and lib directory under C:\ClanLib)

    I added the global includes as shown here:

    Just verified: Right click application -> Properties -> C/C++ -> General -> Additional Include Directories reads as "C:\ClanLib\lib\Win32;C:\ClanLib\include;%(Additio nalIncludeDirectories)"

    Under Code Generation
    - Configuration: Active(Debug)
    - Platform: Active (Win32)
    - Runtime Library: Multi-threaded Debug (/MTd)

    - Configuration: Release
    - Platform: Active (Win32)
    - Runtime Library: Multi-threaded (/MT)

    I've created a basic program from an example:

    #include <ClanLib/core.h>
    #include <ClanLib/application.h>
    class ConsoleProgram
       static int main(const std::vector<CL_String> &args)
           CL_SetupCore setup_core;
           CL_ConsoleWindow console_window("Console", 80, 200);
           CL_String now = CL_DateTime::get_current_local_time().to_short_datetime_string();
           CL_Console::write_line("At %1, we say Hello ClanLib!", now);
           return 0;
    // Create global application object, you MUST include this line or
    // the application start-up will fail to locate your application object.
    CL_ClanApplication app(&ConsoleProgram::main);
    And I get: "error LNK1104: cannot open file 'clanCore-static-mt-debug.lib'"

    If anyone can see anything I did wrong or has any suggestions, I would appreciate it.
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    It seems you have added both the include and the library directores to the Include Directories dialog. The process of adding the directories for both include and lib settings are separate in the Visual Studio GUI. Now that I read the guide, it isn't obvious unless you read it very carefully.

    "In the dialog box that opens up, edit the Include Directories to include the <yourpath>\include path. Do the same for Library Directories <yourpath>\lib\win32. "

    If you look closely at the two screenshots in the guide, you see the difference in the Window Title. This guide should really be updated to clearly show it is a two-step process...

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    You guys must make a living off of making people feel foolish...That was exactly the problem.

    Thanks a million! I don't know how I missed that

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