This isn't a World Pixel-Art making though, or whatever you think it is.

If anybody or if ever someone makes, can you make one for me? I understand if you charge payments, but for those who are grateful to make one for me, it'll be very much appreciated.

If you're gonna troll me, it's better that you shouldn't just reply to this thread instead. I might go otherwise just waste your time, i don't mean to be rude but, who wants trolls? Right?

Here's the sample photo:
Attachment 106369

If ever possible, can you do the following?

- Include only face, and the scarf. (If you can make 2 photos, with or without the body, it's awesome)
- Can you remove the background? (For short, make it transparent when you're done with the face)
- I need only the face with the scarf, but if you can make with the whole body too that's awesome.

For those who wants to, you can post your results here on this thread. Or just pm me otherwise.
Thanks for those efforts that i will be receiving, thanks also for the time.