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Thread: What exactly is a noob?

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    Default What exactly is a noob?

    Well people use noob as an insult, when it isn't even insulting.

    Noob means: An inexperienced user or in other words a new player.

    People think its offensive so they use it to insult other people.

    so question: why is "Noob" offensive?
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    At start it was a phonetical contraction of "newbie" which indeed means beginner but with a connotation of naïve and ignoring the game's tricks and traps so failing. I think it comes from RTS and FPS games. But as all negatively connotated word it has quickly become popular in a human community of competition always ready to denigrate it's foes and opponents. So as everybody started to use it, its meaning has slowly evoluated to finally become an all around word to denigrate one's mate or opponent for any reason.

    So yes it IS an insult actually. But as it is widely used by most of players there's nothing that can efficiently be done about that. It has become part of e-gaming culture.

    TL;DR: "noob" is used as a term to slow people down by thinking that they are inexperienced beginner, after many people using them, it slowly became an insult to slow people down.
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    Misconception. They taught that word means they don't have to guts to be someone they want to be or something.
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