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Thread: I keep losing saved data!

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    Unhappy I keep losing saved data!

    Hi, I speak as one who is extremely frustrated...
    I have on many occasions lost data that NovaShell said it saved.
    For example, I'll be in map "level1" and press ctrl-s at a good saving point; it flashes "saving level1" on the screen and I exit NovaShell. When I restart, without having done anything in the NovaShell directory, and press New, it SOMETIMES returns to the just-saved point but USUALLY goes back to a really old one, losing all the work. I have lost a week's data three times and it's really frustrating.. So could you just brief me on how to save step by step please?
    I really like NovaShell but this makes it a pain in the neck... Also I have a few other questions about game making, but first things first.



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    Hmm. Some things to check:

    1. Do you have a "profile" active when you save? (Loop at the top of the screen on the editor bar, it says there)

    If you do, your "master" isn't being changed, just the version in your profile directory. (Think of it as your save game dir) It is possible to cut and paste from there back into your real dir if you have to.

    2. I think Ctrl-S only saves the active map. So if you have 5 maps active, they are not all saved.

    3. Maps are automatically saved when you quit, unless "Auto save" is not checked in their properties. So most of the time you don't even have to save them manually.

    The whole "master" vs "profile" thing is confusing. Most games don't even need to use profiles, it's really just for being able to save the state all maps.

    If it's not one of the above things, let me know if you can find a way to reproduce it and I know I can fix it.
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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