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Thread: Possible rare name? (30-50 wild worth?)

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    Default Possible rare name? (30-50 wild worth?)

    I have a world called "VENDSHUPS" witch in clearing and d moving and I was wondering how much it would be worth. 30-40 maybe? I'm not quite done yet though. Sorry... Title is supposed to say "wls" not "wild" (autocorrect)
    1. Be famous (uh lol... Idk why make)
    2. Get ring (step 2 deliver 9000 gems)
    3. Get 10 growtokens (5/10)
    4. Get master sorserer (lesser knight)
    5. Have 20 wls at a time (14/20 is most)
    6. Have 200 good friends (54/200)
    7. Have a good set (X)
    8. Meet a YT (WickEr10 and squiggy13. Done)
    9. Get 1st birthday (1 week before Valentine's 2016)
    10. Get the word out about #PoliceUpdate2K16 (X) (not quite)

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    You got the sub-forum almost correct, it should be in GT, then Value Discuss or Everything Else.

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    Might worth quite a bit
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    If you invest wls to SetBack, you will suffer a huge set back



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