It's as simple as this..

Rule #1- Every 5th person who posts here will be out of the thread. Be honest as much as possible

Rule #2- If you are the 5th person. Type --Dead end-- or just say im down or stuffs.. lol (idk make it funny if you like)

Rule #3- You can type anything you want, say the randomest things UNLESS you are not the every 5th person to post.

Okay now after this example let the game's begin.

Example: #1 Posted: L #2 Posted: hahaha #3 Posted: poopface #4 Posted:Oof! almost the 5th person! #5 Posted: --Dead End--

It's basically like a Multiplication by 5 Thing. 5,10,15 etc You will just add 5 but if you are the 5th person to post you die lol.

If i posted it in the wrong topic or subject.. Yolo (just tell me lol)