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Thread: Need Guys stay message to support Seth Continue OGLES 2.0 in Proton 3D

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    Default Need Guys stay message to support Seth Continue OGLES 2.0 in Proton 3D

    Proton 3D is OGLES 1.X

    OGLES 2.X of irrlicht release from

    but Seth said: (in "irrlicht GLES 2.0 donwload Git" of threads)
    I'm sort of at a cross roads with Proton.. I need to figure out if I want to add the GLES 2.0 pipeline for my next project or switch to Unity... I have to weight the advantages/disadvantages of both for a bit...

    now is Live and Dead critical time. stay your message support him continue OGLES 2.0 in Proton 3D.

    One ID One message~~~ If no message then Proton 3D will dead on OGLES 1.x

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    I couldn't help anyway because I'm new with Proton and even with videogames programming.

    Personally I chosen to learn Proton (instead of f.e. GamePlay SDK) mainly because I'm interested to GLES1.0 and 1.1 compatibility, due to my current knowledge and my target (Android 2.3, low poly without shaders).

    So even if I understand that GLES2 is the future/present (or the "next past" if we count GLES3 ) personally I wouldn't do pressure to the main author and seeking for somebody really interested to assume this "pain" (f.e. the testing part for every platforms).

    If I were Seth, i wouldn't "migrate" on Unity for both a commercial and technical reasons; for "technical reasons" I mean that Unity would even be a professional product, but designed for beginners and thus, imho, limited in dealing with problems.
    I don't know how this community helps Seth on beta-testing, but personally I never had a problem (with my tests) on windows, linux, android and osx, and this is valuable for me.
    And throw away all this project would be a pity imvho... because a project like this will always need of an head.

    At this stage, imho, Proton is mature and very cross-platform for 2D games (the only lack is 3D on Flash target). Implementing GLES2 could be a big change (and work), and this change should involve too much platforms.

    Another problem is the lack of versioning. Maybe a "Proton 2" branch (fork?) could have the same code-base with GLES2 and only some platforms. In this way the community could choice what they want: the older with everything or the newer for GLES2 (and a bit less stable).

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    I also prefer OGLES 1.0, if there was a branch or compiler defines to switch them I would not have a problem, but I use proton because OGLES 1.0 support since most of my codes and libs are based on it
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