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Thread: computer prank!

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    Post computer prank!

    Hey guys ima show you a evil Computer prank(Its 100% safe to do)\
    Click Ctrl & ALT & DELETE , Then click start task manager
    Then scroll down till you find this:
    Name:  part1.PNG
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    Then click
    Name:  parrt2.PNG
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    It will close all the programs and you will see only your background image
    Give it to your friend and he will be like
    And to restore it click
    CTRL & ALT & DELETE Then click on Logout then log in again and you will get your desktop back
    Its safe its Gonna make him MAD
    Its safe i tested it
    And read all of this BEFORE doing it because you might miss how to restore it and go like
    Its really fun and im gonna try to add a screen shot of the desktop
    Screen shot:
    Name:  result.jpg
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    I am back.

    Thanks Azza03.

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    I tried it a very long time ago when I was 7 years old . While I'm searching, I quitted it, but the desktop shows no apps xD (Before it happens, it blinks... I think it's a bug or something, like...anyway....) But, it will restore in a few seconds, or... I think 12 seconds. Oh, sometimes, while I'm using the computer, the desktop lags and blinks, showing no apps xD (It's because of the Internet Explorer. I HATE INTERNET EXPLORER)

    Weird, right?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh and... You're not the only one or your friends' that makes your Computer lags xD
    I'm quitting forever...
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