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Thread: Multiplayer Modded Minecraft (Cracked and Premium) You can play too!

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    Default Multiplayer Modded Minecraft (Cracked and Premium) You can play too!

    Hey guys,

    I love playing modded minecraft but get bored playing alone so I decided to add you guys along for the ride to join me to play minecraft.

    All you will need to do is get forge, download the modpack provided and download hamachi.

    Here are the instructions.

    1. Download Hamachi - Unmanaged (Pick the unmanaged version)

    2. Download Forge (Pick "Installer" from the "Latest Version" section)
    (If you are downloading this within 24-48 hours of this post, you probably can ignore this but if you are not then check that the version you are downloading is 1.7.10 -

    2.1 Installing forge

    If you are on cracked or premium, Be sure to launch vanilla 1.7.10 once before proceeding.

    Once you have done that launch the forge installer and pick install client.

    It may or may not ask you to pick version, if it does pick 1.7.10.

    3. Open hamachi and create an account from instruction on screen.
    3.1. From the hamachi screen pick network>Join network

    The network name is "ANetwork52" (Case-Sensetive)
    The password is "123"

    4. Once all that is done, You will need to go to your minecraft folder.

    Alot of you may know where that is, its where you add texture packs from.

    If you dont know where that is then

    In that folder you will find a folder called mods, open that folder.

    5. Download the modpack .zip file from (Reply to this thread or PM me on forums for the dropbox link because I do not want to get into any copyright issues) { debe4025f54617/analysis/1453029785/}

    5.1. Extract the .zip

    5.2. Once extracted you will see 1 file and 1 folder. We will get back to the file soon leave that aside for now.
    5.3. Drag the entire folder into your mods folder that we opened earlier.

    6. Open your minecraft launcher and you will see a minecraft profile called forge.
    6.1. Launch that version of minecraft and wait for it to load.
    6.2. Once it finishes loading, close it

    7. Go back to your .minecraft folder that we opened earlier
    7.1. In that folder you will see a folder called config, open it.
    7.2 Go back to the file we had extracted earlier, it should be called BetterTitleScreen.cfg
    7.3 Drag that file into the config folder, it will ask you if it should replace/overwrite the file, click yes.

    Once all of that is done, Launch your minecraft and use the forge profile to open it.

    Click multiplayer and add server
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