Greetings to the ClanLib forum users.

I am an indie game developer who has been using the FlatRedBall game engine for the last few years (I recently finished a game with the FRB engine) and am considering moving to a different game engine.
Although I am very pleased with the FRB engine the need for MacOS support has started this search for a new engine.

My next game will be a 2.5d side-scroller. (I'd like the characters to be 2d, the game play 2d, but have the background and the terrain be 3d (boxes, pyramids etc.) or more speifically speaking have a 3d effect).

I read a bit about ClanLib in the forum but I have a few questions which I'd like to ask.

Here goes:
1. To create a game for several platforms (specifically Windows, Mac, Linux & IPhone) can I use the same source code or do I need to rewrite the code with a different plugin for each targeted OS?
2. Would the ClanLib game engine be adequate for a 2.5d side scroller?
3. Does the engine use directx? Can it? (For several reasons I prefer using directx graphics over OpenGL)
4. How can I use the engine with C++ code (it is easier for me)
5. Have any 2.5d games used the ClanLib engine?

Thanks in advance, I look forward to creating games with this engine.