We have released ClanLib 2.1.1

Find it at: http://clanlib.org/download.html

Changes since previous version (in upgrade.txt)

2.1.1: Released 10 December 2009
- Display: CL_DisplayWindowMode is now considered obsolete.
On linux, this function does not do anything.
It used to use the libxxf86vm library, but this caused various problems:
it would only report the current mode on most system, and xf86vidmode is
considered sort of deprecated by upstream xorg.
So for now, the ClanLib developers have removed it, until a solution is found.
(Note, since clanlib v2.x no longer changes the video resolution,
CL_DisplayWindowMode has no use ).

- GL and GL1: Linux does not link with libxi
There was no requirement to link with this library

- GL and GL1: Linux does not link with libgl
Instead internally, ClanLib uses dlopen(). Your application now can use
the libgl.so local on the machine it runs on (so it uses the configured
driver on the machine, not the driver that the application was compiled with)

- General: The Microsoft windows themes have been removed from the Linux package.
Instead, a free GUI theme (GUIThemeBasic) is included for use with the ClanLib
examples (or your application).

- Core: CL_Mat2 had an incorrect typedef -
"CL_Mat2<float> CL_Mat2d;" was changed to "CL_Mat2<double> CL_Mat2d;"

New examples have been introduced: