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    Question ERROR!

    A little while ago I downloaded the Novashell system. I had high anticipations, because of past experience with Seth's greatness (I'm a hard-core Dinker). however, when I started it up, the program closed and I got this message:


    WGL_ARB_pbuffer OpenGL extension not supported by this card.

    This can probably be fixed by installing the latest drivers for your video card.

    This sucked, because I was quite looking forward to using the program. Now, obviously I need to get this driver! does anybody know a good site where I can get it? (NOT including virus and spam infested sites)

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    Smile What Graphics Card?

    Hey, if you want one one driver of millions out there, you're gonna need to be more specific. If it's a Compaq or HP, checkout the site, they've got all the drivers. If it's an added card that you bought somewhere, go to the manufacturers website. Same for all other brands, I just happen to have an HP.. I've got that message on an older PC, and never got it fixed, but once on my present one it said that, but when I restarted NS, it worked fine- must have been a bogus...



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