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Thread: My teacher is da worst.

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    Default My teacher is da worst.

    After getting 70.16% in Science on National Achivement Test Spot Test Week #2, her blood pressure rose up to 160/90, the worst blood pressure I've ever seen. She decided to go on for a leave because she is pregnant. She got angry, her voice booming up to the Guidance Office, so that we've been heard by our guidance counselor and...

    Our teacher made us to sign in the anecdotal notebook.

    Reason why:
    • My score is 14 over 15, but the other pulled us down so we got 70 or F.
    • And, some of my classmates are very insane that they create noise as far as 2 meters away from our classroom.
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    How to know who is affiliated with Illuminati

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    So, kids, this is why you should focus on Math at school. Math can help you figure out wether something/someone is linked to/part of the Illuminati, or not.

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    But she tried her best to teach you to spell 'the' correctly, but you just didn't listen, did you?
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    >teacher is the worst
    >it was your classmates' fault


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