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Thread: Read before posting: The basics of Programming/Game Development

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    Default Read before posting: The basics of Programming/Game Development


    Ever wanted to make your own games or programs? With this bit of information, you can be set well on your way to doing just that.. Of course it'll take a ton of experience in programming boring stuff before you can get to the good stuff! So in this, I'll do my best to teach you those boring things in various programming languages so that one day you may be able to make games of your own!


    What's the best place to start?

    Where can I go to learn more?

    Java (Downloads)

    Java (Basic Program)

    C++ (Downloads)

    C++ (Basic Program)


    From here, I can only wish you luck. If you've gone over each subject, you should be set and ready to begin your first program!

    Any other questions? Feel free to ask down below and I'm sure it'll be answered (Whether it be by me or another).

    Good luck!

    Working on a completely new and better guide! Should be here in a week or two.
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