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    I know the game is old, but i think its one of the best game ver made! I like the story and the music! I hope that Seth makes another game from it!

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    You're right. The music is great. I love the Debussy and Schubert (or was Schubert in one of the DMODs? I can't remember). It gives a mood to the game, knowhudimean? A sequel would be great.

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    I agree with both of you. This is definatly the best RPG ever. A sequall would be awesome. I've beaten it a couple of times and i still get a laugh at some of the stuff. We sould convince seth to make another.

    Garet Jax

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    Completely. I play all the so-called greatest RPGs, on all platforms, but nothing comes close to this game. Its hard to describe but graphics never matter too much. The story is so fantastic, and earthy and funny, and all that satisfacion that can be had killing those baddies. I've only recently found it, so I'm still in shock. I'm very glad I found it. Seth rules.

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    i like the game but far by best of all, i play diabloII oftenly more.

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