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Thread: Random Contest #2.

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    Default Random Contest #2.

    Okok the last idea didn't work out too well, so here's the newest idea.
    In order to win this giveaway you need to just make an art of your favorite person or set in growtopia, it can be your friend or anyone that's well known, or even enemies!
    Your entry can be either hand drawn or made digitally. It's your choice. The deadline for an entry is on March 10, 2016.

    Alright here's the part everyone just adores- the prizes.
    I will determine 3 winners for this contest. The first place, second, and of course third.

    First place will win a sexy, and shiny diamond lock.
    Second place will be eligible to win 75 world locks.
    Third place will be receiving 40 world locks.

    There will also be a special prize for an art piece that I will personally choose to win one of my worlds, SILKPACKS. The world includes an punch and zombie jammer, as well as an night weather machine. It's a paradise made out of clouds and was offered 70 WLs for just the name. Side note: This winner will be completely random.

    If I or any other contestants (they have to provide evidence) find out that your entry was copied off the internet your entry will be denied, therefore making you unable to participate in this contest.

    To be able to actually be in this contest you must put an #Randomness with an link of this page in your signature.

    With that said I wish everyone the best of lucks, as well as remember to enjoy this contest! Let the this contest begin!

    Legal contestants:
    1) ImAPogo
    2) SnowyFox1000
    3) Muhammed Daniel
    4) Meowza
    5) dancanban
    6) iCro
    7) Aunos
    8) Zaidragon
    9) GG15
    10) CooloRenzo
    11) Boomer
    12) AdminBro
    13) DogOfScience
    14) GrowToBeCool
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