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Thread: I Need a Spanish Translator

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    Default I Need a Spanish Translator

    I have a recitation later in my Spanish class, and we're told to give a brief description to a city. So, I'd do Google translate, but we all know how choppy and funny the translations are from time to time. I really need a professional's assistance.

    Here's my short description which I made just now:

    San Francisco is also known as the City by the Bay. It is the second most expensive city in the US. San Francisco is famous for many landmarks, but the most famous is the GoldenGate bridge. It is also famous for the Alcatraz, cable cars, and the Pier 39 located in the Fisherman's Wharf. San Francisco has a mild weather, but the city is full of layers that it can be chilly in one spot and hot in another. The city has a lot of hills and steep areas just like Lombard street. The people here are young with residents ages 25 to 44 making up the highest percentage. And festivals and cultures are so abundant here that costumes aren't uncommon.

    Edit: I'm done making the translations. No need to translate it for me anymore. Thanks! To those who are reading this, just abandon thread.
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