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Thread: [WIP]Video Player for Clanlib

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    Default [WIP]Video Player for Clanlib

    Introducing Theora, a free video codec with a very friendly license (BSD).

    Right now, I'm attempting to integrate Theora into clanlib. So far no major issues encountered. There are two things missing, a YUV to RGB converter and sound output. The sound codec is already available in clanlib as clanVorbis. So getting the sound to work is a breeze.

    This project is WIP, until I have time to finish it off (probably a few weeks).


    Also see the attached sample app for a demo...

    At the moment, I have no plan to release the unfinished source code.

    Almost complete.
    Only Two things are left todo:
    Implement sound output
    Fix the frame rate issue

    Requires an SSE2 capable cpu

    Sneak preview of the header file
    class CL_Theora
        CL_Theora(const CL_String &s);
        void load(const CL_String &file_name );
        void start();
        void stop();
        void process(CL_GraphicContext &gc);
        CL_PixelBuffer &get_frame();
        int get_width() const;
        int get_height() const;
        double get_fps() const;
        CL_SharedPtr<CL_Theora_Impl> impl;
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    Default This is GREAT NEWS!

    Yay! Maybe sometime soon we'll be able to have VIDEO CUTSCENES! this is gonna be awesome XD...

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