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    Default Snowy(Nightcorean) x SpeedFreakz

    Sorry, Speed. I just had to make this. Huehue.
    K. Here it is!

    - - - - - - - - - - -

    Snowy x Speed!

    Ahh… It’s just another normal day here in Artisoft City. Speed and Lorenzo were hanging out in the “Ye Olde Rtsoft Tavern”, watching two idiots fighting each other.

    Speed: Yeah, hit him in the face!

    Nzo: Woot!

    A few minutes later, a teenage girl, known as Snowy, enters the Tavern. People’s still watching the two idiots who’s still fighting so almost everyone there didn't notice her. Well... Except for Speed.

    Snowy: D’ya have cookies?

    Bartender: We have chocolate chip and cookies and cream milkshakes. Which one do you want?

    Snowy: No, I meant the solid ones.

    Bartender: Oh sorry. We don't sell those here.

    Snowy: Oh, okay.

    Snowy then leaves her seat and heads to the exit. But before she could even get near the door, a mysterious hooded man blocks her way.

    ???: Interested in cookies, aye? Ya know, I know a place to get cookies. Wanna come?

    Snowy: If it’s the solid one, then yes.

    ???: Right this way.

    The stranger then escorts Snowy outside the tavern. However, Speed, who overheard their conversation, went out to spy on them. A few hours later, Snowy wakes up and finds herself inside a vegetable store, tied up on a chair.

    Snowy: Uhh… Where are we?

    ???: Welcome, foolish child.

    Snowy: Eh? Who are you callin’ foolish?! And who you callin’ child?!

    The stranger then reveals his face. It was Polaris.

    Polaris: *evil laugh activated* Mwahahaha! You fool! Cookies suck! Watch anime!

    Snowy: Eh? I’ve got no time for anime for now. I need cookies.

    Polaris: Playin’ hard, aye? Well. I’ll make you suffer by making you eat this broccoli.

    Snowy: Nu!

    Snowy started to scream and tried to untie herself out of the chair, but she can't. Polaris is going closer, closer, and closer to her until a huge blast came to the front entrance. It was Speed and Lorenzo!

    Speed: Don't worry, I’ll save you!

    Polaris: Fools! You can't stop me!

    Speed: We’ll see about that.

    Speed and Lorenzo grabs their guns from from backpack and tries to shoot Polaris. Polaris dodged the bullets and stabbed Lorenzo in the chest with a huge piece of broccoli.

    While Polaris was busy stabbing Lorenzo, Speed went to Snowy as quickly as he can, took his pocket knife, and cuts the rope that’s tying Snowy’s arms.

    Speed: Are you okay?

    Snowy: Yeah. Let’s get outta here. I don't want to eat that piece of broccoli.

    They both leave the area, forgetting about Lorenzo who was still being brutally stabbed by a piece of broccoli. A few moments later, Snowy and Speed went to the bakery to buy some cookies.

    Snowy: Finally. Some cookies.

    They both then proceeds and eats the cookies.

    Om nom nom

    After awhile, they finish eating their cookies.

    Speed: Ahh. It’s been a long day.

    Snowy: You said it.

    Speed looked at Snowy and saw some cookie bits on her lips. Speed moved closer, closer, and closer, till finally, he kissed Snowy. Snowy, who was cool with what happened, saw that Speed’s got leftover cookies on his lips too. She proceeded and kissed Speed back.

    Then they both lived happily ever afte-

    Wait- where’s Polaris?

    Polaris, who saw them eat cookies instead of watching anime, got mad and shot them both with broccoli bullets.

    They both died.

    The end. <3

    - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Note: No broccolis were harmed in the making of this fanfic.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Some other stuff

    Alternate Ending

    Art by CooLoRenzo

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    Snowy x SpeedFreakz

    Credits to SnowKuro for the nice avatar and to CooLoRenzo for the awesome art!



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